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Home Grown Results has been supporting KeVita in-store demos and in-store merchandising efforts for almost 4 years! This year they’ve introduced 2 new flavors to their Sparkling Probiotic Drinks product line and created two new product lines; including, their Cleansing Tonics and Master Brew Kombuchas.


I can hardly choose my favorites but if I HAD TO, I would recommend the Sparkling Lemon Ginger and the Cinnamon Tonic. They are all so delicious and each line offers a unique flavor profile: the Sparkling Probiotic Drinks offers 12 refreshingly delicious options to quench your thirst and revitalize your taste buds, the Cleansing Probiotics Tonics include 5 powerful flavors packed with functional ingredients and the Master Brew Kombucha is  bold and naturally energizing with 6 amazing flavors!


Our Brand Ambassadors love supporting KeVita products – 🙂


It’s been an awesome journey representing this brand from its beginning roots; watching their customer base fall in love with the newest creations, year over the year. Loyal customers are always so excited to try the newest at one of our tastings. Turning a “newbie” into a KeVita fan brings so much pride to both myself and my team. KeVita is a wonderful product and we’ve received positive feedback nationwide.


This is such a fun brand. Customers love taking photos with our reps, kids love trying all the new flavors, and our tables- with their beautifully branded set ups are enticing EVERYONE!  Read our post about Why Your Consumers Love Product Sampling (And You Should Too!) to learn more …

Our reps are having a blast supporting this delicious and functional Probiotic Drink. KeVita is a brand that we can fully stand behind too; being, Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO and low calorie!

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Our product ambassadors are getting even better results handing out their $1 OFF coupons to customers. The bottles have been flying off the shelves during this Whole Foods Demo Program! Most customers purchase a minimum of two bottles when receiving a coupon, and our highest sales total over 250 bottles!!

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We’ve listened to many guests that tell us they’ve seen this speciality product on the shelf and have always wanted to try it. Other customers who have been drinking the Sparkling Probiotic Drink for years weren’t aware of the new product lines (Cleansing Tonics and Master Brew Kombucha). My friends, this is exactly the reason  you should be product sampling your brand! Once introduced, educated and “couponed”, these new KeVita fans were purchasing their first bottle of KeVita (and in many cases so much more than one bottle!)

Home Grown Ambassadors are experienced demo reps who know how to educate and make sales! Read our post about the 8 Tips For A Successful Sampling.


The reactions are proof.

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Home Grown Results ambassadors have supported over 500+ KeVita in-store product demonstrations, in over 10 states, in the past four months to promote the newest flavors. This has been a very successful program and we are grateful and honored to be a part of KeVita’s continued growth!

LakeCalhoun_2-7-15_Kim_Keen You can find KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks in most grocery retailers, and in every Whole Foods Market nationwide. The newest Tonics can be found in most Whole Foods Markets nationwide and Master Brew Kombucha is in Safeway and Vons. Check their website for local carriers near you at

Want KeVita Drinks in your local grocery store? Ask the store manager to order your favorite flavors!


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