I Love My Job As A Home Grown Results Brand Ambassador

I find working as Home Grown Results Brand Ambassador a fully rewarding career that not only benefits my educational goals, but also develops my professionalism and aligns with my personal health objectives.

I first started working for HGR when I became a student Florida State University to work on my Psychology degree, and was looking for work to help pay for my school expenses.

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Along with being a flexible, well-paying and fun job, being a Home Grown Brand Ambassador enables me to apply my current training into the customer engagement experience.

I love learning about new products. Especially products that are environmentally conscious, non-GMO and organic!! Many times the clients also reward me with free samples, which is especially awesome for a “starving student”.


Taking care of my health; mind, spirit and body is an important part of my life and I thrive on sharing my knowledge of each product with other people! Plus, the flexible (well paying) shifts leave time for me to do my favorite activities and for me to focus on my well being.


I understand the importance of prioritizing between work and play, and making them both pleasurable experiences, will have life long benefits. I thank the company for having the same outlook.


When I first found the job listing I actually wasn’t fully aware of what a Brand Ambassador was, although the job posting was quite appealing: “Home Grown Results is hiring enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors nationwide! Educate customers on exemplary products, work flexible hours and have FUN!”. It sounded like a dream come true, especially with my crazy school schedule.

The reality of this job has not lived short on its promises!


Most of the job opportunities are in-store demos in which I schedule directly with the market or grocery store between hours that work for both myself, the client and the store manager. Demos are typically between 3-4 hours. My responsibilities include setting up the table and sampling to the product to customers during the “peak” traffic hours.


I love setting up my table, whether it’s to the company’s standards or (in some cases) my own creative endeavors. Some of the clients give me a stipend to create my own interpretation of the table ambiance, where I’ve purchased fruit, flowers or other decorations to create an entire table experience that relates to the product and intrigues customers to come engage with me! Other times the client will send table decor and brand assets directly to me with instructions on how to set up the materials.



I take photos for the client of the table setup and of pleased customers trying their product. The client is always impressed with the photos and the customers have fun thinking of themselves as an ambassador alongside me – it makes me proud to represent the products well and making their consumers part of the process!


Sometimes I’m even offered larger opportunities to work a client booth in an industry expo or consumer event. In those instances, I get to travel to new cities, expenses paid, and experience awesome events! I’ve met industry leaders, musicians, top yoga teachers and influential speakers!


I’ve worked for Home Grown Results for about 2 years and the time has been an invaluable experience for me and I’d recommend this job to anyone who has an interest in specialty products (organic, vegan, non-gmo, gluten free), has a passion for retail, sales, customer service or just sharing great products with peers!

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I love my job supporting Home Grown Results their clients.  I look forward to each new work opportunity with them.

~ Anonymous Home Grown Ambassador….. Shhhh, I’m the cool one in Gainesville, FL 😉


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