Demos and Events and Expos – Oh My!

It’s time get ready for summer and prepare your calendar for demos, consumer events, trade shows and expos – Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t we worry, we got this.


Home Grown Results lives for this stuff and this is our FUN season!!




We are eager to help our clients gear up for all the event excitement coming up this summer: including Natural Products Expo East, September 16-19, the UNFI Tabletop Show in Ledyard, CT May 13-14, and the UNFI Tabletop Show in Portland, OR June 3-4!


We’ve been the proud supporters of Blue Marble, Purefit and many other brands whom we’ve partnered with to help create awareness, make valuable connections and showcase their products to thousands of event attendees, at past events.




Expo West & Expo East

With Natural Products Expo West behind us, it’s time to look forward to Expo East. As you evaluate your presence at recent conventions and events, consider bringing in a professional HGR team to help represent your brand for the next one!

It is such a relief for brands to have an experienced ambassador team to help represent them during these significant events!

If you’re new in the segment, Natural Products Expo West and East are the largest annual conventions of their kind in the nation. Small or niche companies showcase their specialty products for consumers and buyers alike.


A Home Grown Miracle

I didn’t make it to Expo West this year as my family spent the week welcoming our baby boy into this world! Steven (or Bean, as I like to call him) is healthy, strong and happy – And our family is completely blessed. Thank you for your support.

Live Tastings


Peak demo season is approaching.

Now is the time to start booking to lock in the best demo dates and times. Start planning your next event or in-store demo!

Let’s Connect!

Alesha Englund-Hanbicki

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