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Demos and Events and Expos – Oh My!

It’s time get ready for summer and prepare your calendar for demos, consumer events, trade shows and expos – Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t we worry, we got this.   Home Grown Results lives for this stuff and this is our FUN season!!     We are eager to help our clients gear up for all the event excitement

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I Love My Job As A Home Grown Results Brand Ambassador

I find working as Home Grown Results Brand Ambassador a fully rewarding career that not only benefits my educational goals, but also develops my professionalism and aligns with my personal health objectives. I first started working for HGR when I became a student Florida State University to work on my Psychology degree, and was looking for work to help pay for my

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KeVita Demos!

Home Grown Results has been supporting KeVita in-store demos and in-store merchandising efforts for almost 4 years! This year they’ve introduced 2 new flavors to their Sparkling Probiotic Drinks product line and created two new product lines; including, their Cleansing Tonics and Master Brew Kombuchas. I can hardly choose my favorites but if I HAD

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8 Tips For A Successful Sampling

So many times we see companies overwhelmed and trying to manage so much of the administration duties than they sometimes lose sight of some basic best practices that make for a successful demo. We want to help you succeed!! Determining your budget, the best chain(s) to reach your target consumer, when to schedule (seasonally, leveraging

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Demos this Holiday Season

Change is the only constant in life and shopping behaviors are no exception. I’ve worked in the retail segment, specifically for retail demos and events, for over 15 years, and during that time I’ve noticed many of the changes that this Forbes article reports on. Customers are definitely relying on their mobile phones and in-store

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Demos are The Future of Retail

As you know, Home Grown Results provides trained teams to educate consumers about your product, in many retail and event environments. According to a recent report by PSFK, consumer behavior is pointing towards in-store demos as part of a trending shopping experience preference. What does this mean for you and your speciality product(s)? OPPORTUNITY! Modern day

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