Hello! I am Alesha Englund-Hanbicki. Wife, mother, healthy-food enthusiast and the proud, totally grateful, owner of Home Grown Results.

I have been been specializing in natural, organic, raw and specialty product demos and events for over 15 years. I find it immensely fulfilling to share your products with consumers; plus, I thoroughly enjoy working with those who share and promote the same ethics and promote a healthy well-being.

Home Grown Results is passionate about the brands we represent. We are always sincere in our work and with our words. I am entirely grateful for the journey and to the wonderful partnerships we’ve grown and nurtured over the years.

My greatest inspiration in my life, both personally and professionally, is my grandma. She was a hardworking woman who graced every situation with love and kindness. Throughout my greatest accomplishments and challenges, I like to think that it’s her spirit and energy I’ve manifested to guide me through this amazing journey.

My Grammy taught me that a woman could do anything a man could do and boy was she right! We represent clients all over the US and we always strive to show our clients the same gratefulness and respect we’ve received, with each relationship and experience Home Grown Results has been graced with over the years.

As Grammy always said, the proof is the pudding, of course her delicious Raw Vegan Chocolate pudding.

We are so proud to serve you and your products!

Alesha Englund-Hanbicki

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