Home Grown Results’ product ambassadors are the fiber of our company and we cherry pick the best of the best.
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We have a terrific live-tasting team. Our ambassadors share, engage and educate your customers about your truly amazing products! They are exemplary, simply because they ‘walk the walk’!

Promoting natural products is the commitment through Home Grown Results, so we make sure that our employees are an extension of that promise! Our product ambassadors are selected by their enthusiasm for healthy living, above all else.  Home Grown Results Ambassadors are passionate about the products we represent and are experienced in many promotional environments including; event promos, retail sales and in store merchandising.

Home Grown Results makes training and education of your products a priority, and we take a pro-active approach in this process with our demo specialists. We set benchmarks to ensure they are fully trained before they set foot in a retail space to promote your product. Our ambassador reps are great listeners and communicators who are ready to achieve your goals!

Product education is key to sales, as well as the continued success of your shopper’s loyalty to your brand. Our ambassadors understand how to create a welcoming environment, conducive to connecting with your customers. Our demonstrators are highly trained to be knowledgeable about your product.

Give us a call to learn more, or to schedule a live product tasting!